Occupy Patriarchy! – by Kathy Miriam

The New Now-Moment of Occupy Wall Street

The whole world was erupting as we U.S Americans were watching. Our noses pressed to the screen-monitors of history we watched as waves of mass rebellion rippled from Greece and Spain to Tunisia, Egypt, and Syria in the Arab Spring where dictatorship after dictatorship was toppled. And then, who knew? I for one never expected that the waves of protest would find our own shores. As we watched, only occasionally would a plaintive or angry question pop up: When will we get out on the streets? Yet when pushed to the brink and over of desperation at the beginnings of the economic onslaught on this country, people were still echoing the noxious nostrums of the new president who preached “no more excuses” and “individual responsibility” to a people suffering the brunt of a crisis put in motion by a financial system that–contrary to the delusions of the left–had put Obama in office.

read all: occupy.patriarchy.org

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