Dalla guerra economica all’economia di guerra. Le armi del “Nuovo ordine mondiale”

by Claudia von Werlhof


DEP – Deportate, esuli, profughe: N. 49, 07/2022 – Numero straordinario sulla guerra in Ucraina. “Non abituarti alla guerra!”. Voci e riflessioni contro la guerra in Ucraina

Abstract: This article is based on a speech held at a meeting of Austrian social movements in 2003 when the US war against the Iraq had just started. Nearly 20 years ago, the economical, political and military tendencies that in 2020 have started to overwhelm the West and the rest of the world as well, could already be seen very clearly. This is due to an approach that combines a long term analysis of modern civilization as “capitalist patriarchy”, rooted in the despotism of early patriarchies in the Near East, five thousand years ago, with the dynamics of five hundred years of capitalism as the world system of today, led by global neoliberalism and wars of the West for 30 years. From this point of view, a so-called “New World Order“, proclaimed from above for decades already, has now begun to be realized concretely. This pro-
cess is called the new “Great Transformation” and comprises an ever larger accumulation and concentration of capital, unknown in history, in always fewer hands, the impoverishment of always more people worldwide, including the “developed” world itself, and an always growing need for the system to apply all sorts of violence and war in order to maintain the rule of the few against the many, and to get through with the plans to reorganize the world civilization as a whole.

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