Climate Disruption Is Not Due to CO2. “What a Scam it Actually is.” Assessing COP27 and Modern Climate Activism. Climate Disruption Is Not Due to CO2.

Interview with Claudia Von Werlhof on Geoengineering, HAARP, 5G

“I have come to the conclusion to start with the fact that there are various “C“-crises at the same time – Climate, CO2, Corona, Capital – and more – that force us to “connect the dots” of the “bigger picture.” What is the common cause of all these crises? In the background there is the great transformation of modern civilization that is needed in order to save it – from the point of view of its inventors who want to prevent it from failing.”

Dr Claudia von Werlhof 

This week on the Global Research News Hour, as the UN talks on Climate Change finally comes to an end, we will host a show discussing the agenda of the billionaire foxes wearing the clothing of planet saving sheep.

In our first half hour, we are joined once again by independent journalist and environmental activist Cory Morningstar to discuss what is coming out of this year’s Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Then in our second half hour, we will hear from academic and author Claudia Von Werlhof about how secret military geoengineering in the United States and abroad is actually happening and how the agreements signed by the multiple climate meetings together with the COVID scare is helping the billionaire architects create a brave new economic and political world for all of us.